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Long Haul Trucking

If you have a package or item that you need to ship a long distance, ICEHOLE is the team to call. We are a trusted team of truckers with a long track record of success, and we want to have you on board with our services too. With straightforward pricing, a friendly team of customer service representatives, and all the knowledge you could ever need about the trucking process, there isn't a better team you can call than our own. Tell us about your shipment today by calling (218) 850-8750.

Trusted Long Haul Carriers

Because of our incredible history of service, we have built a reputation in the area for excellence. We strive to go above and beyond what a typical trucking company offers so our clients can be confident that they are receiving the best possible trucking service. We pay close attention to the feedback we are given about improving our business from clients, and we are always trying to improve ourselves internally based on our observations. Listed below are some of the aspects of good service that we try to uphold.

  • Proper safety regulations on every package
  • Careful packing and inspection
  • Experienced/professional team
  • Single point of contact
  • Comprehensive logistics planning
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • And much more

For a long-haul transportation service like no other, please inquire with our team today to get started.

Our goal is to ensure you never lose sight of your package because we want to help you stay organized. You can contact our team any time you are concerned about the logistics of your package delivery. We strive to ensure that you always know the location of your shipment for your added peace of mind.

Plan Your Long-Distance Trucking Voyage Today

Start planning your long haul shipment today! If you are still undecided about Icehole Hotshot LLC being the team for the job, let us make the decision easier for you. There is simply no better team in the area to handle your long-distance shipment than our team. We have the necessary experience with the right drivers, and we offer the most competitive local prices for the service. Don't hesitate to reach our team because we are always ready for your call. Contact us whenever you are ready at (218) 850-8750, and we will provide a quote on services and schedule a date for your delivery.

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